Summer Solstice Retreat

San Juan Island, Washington

June 23-25, 2023

In-person on San Juan Island, Washington.



$350 per person

After May 1, 2023:

$375 per person

** 2 scholarships spots available, please email with “Summer Solstice Retreat Scholarship” as subject and write a few sentences about your interest in this retreat and how we can best support you in attending. **

What’s included

  • 3 meals, locally sourced + prepared by three extraordinary island chefs
  • Movement, Meditation and Breath-work sessions
  • Optional outdoor island excursions includes hiking and cold water plunges in the Salish Sea
  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Why this retreat?

To take time to engage with and celebrate the summer season. Rituals are helpful markers of time, this retreat is just that. A chance to take time away from the day to day happenings and instead turn towards the happenings of our own hearts, body and minds.

We will use this time to connect to our bodies using a variety of modalities, set intentions for the next stage/phase of our lives as we enter the summer season, spend time outside, on the earth, in the sea (if you so choose), dine on delicious island faire, learn something new from sharing and hearing from other powerful beings like yourself and be ushered into the magic of what San Juan Island has to offer us all.


Need to knows

  • Accommodation is not included. If you would like suggestions for accommodation options, please click here.
  • Transportation is not included. Please plan to have your own way of navigating to and from our gathering locations.
  • All meals will have gluten free and vegetarian options. If you have severe food allergies please share this information with us.
  • Retreat begins Friday evening and ends Sunday after brunch.
  • Once signed up, exact location details and timelines will be shared.

Secure your spot with a $350 deposit today!

Submit your information through the sign-up form to secure your spot and arrange payment for this experience. You can also contact Heather directly to see if this retreat is the right fit for you.

** deposits are non-refundable **

Join Summer Solstice Retreat

Summer Solstice Retreat Scholarship

2 scholarship spots are available, please complete this form and write a few sentences about your interest in this retreat and how we can best support you in attending.

Caroline practicing Yoga

Meet Heather

I look forward to meeting you. Thank you for being here and reading this far. Here you will learn a little bit more about me and my approach to Retreats. 

I am the founder of Instinctive Embodiment which is a three pillared approach to embodiment. We will be weaving this into each practice session during our retreat together. I believe in sovereignty and individuality within the group setting. We practice giving ourselves and each other permission to be who we are within all we explore together. We will learn from each other just as much as we will learn from the teachings where the body of knowledge I share originates from. 

My approach to Retreats is this: ceremonial, intimate, beautiful, delicious and nutritious. 

I crave depth so you will have opportunities to go deep if you so choose. I desire intimacy so moments of communion with self, the environment and the other participants will be invited. Being surrounded by natural beauty and delicious pleasurable experiences and foods is a must! We laugh a ton, let the emotions flow if they come and support one another to BE exactly who we are, as we are. 

A bit about me: I am currently living on the road with my partner and two pups. We will be driving up to the PNW from Mexico and are delighted to spend time with our island community who we miss dearly and I look forward to welcoming those of you new to SJI to my former island home. You can find out more through my virtual studio home and website: and on youtube @altarmovement


Here are some links with options for accommodations: