“Embody Your Inborn Wisdom.”

– Dr. Lorin Roche

Work with Heather 1-on-1 or through her seasonal group offerings.


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Welcome to ALTAR.

Here you will find opportunities to move your body, your breath and your mind through our Instinctive Embodiment sessions, workshops and retreats.

There are two ways to work with Heather, 1-on-1 or in a group setting. Heather specializes in working with people who are challenged by anxiety, overwhelm and traumatic stress. 1-on-1 sessions begin with a 15-minute Intro call to make sure you are a good fit with one another. Heather’s group classes are seasonal-based experiences that weave movement, instinctive meditation and functional breathwork. She calls this methodology: Instinctive Embodiment.

{ Instinctive Embodiment }

Movement | Breath | Instinctive Meditation

Instinctive Embodiment: Noun / Verb:

The three-pillared discipline of incorporating mindful movement, breathwork and instinctive meditation into our everyday lives with the intention of returning the self to the body. Derived from the Latin root for “impulse” or “inspiration” this methodology works on the principle that by creating sound, seasonally adjusted, supportive practices for our bodies we can adapt and flourish more fully within our lives.

Latest News from Altar Movement

October 2023 | Tucson

The quick Life update:  Tucson vibes :: eclectic, welcoming, sacred, wise.  Community :: I have been saying YES to most invitations offered to me. I am in a yes mood lately, saying yes to intentional gatherings where the purpose is to uplift...

September 2023 | Austin

The quick Life update:  I am loving the summer feels of Austin. It is hot and humid and feels just right for this Cali girl A feel good Austin memory:  Caught in the wild torrential rain while out on a walk. It was after a full day with clients and it...

August 2023 | Vashon Island 

The quick Life update:  Vashon island has been filled with lots of client sessions and long walks with two wise old dogs.  Jaiya and Penny are pretty cute together, see latest newsletter Jai Jai and I are heading to Texas so I can be a cool 😎...

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You will find classes on breath-work, mindful movement and instinctive meditation. We welcome you to our community and look forward to practicing with you!

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