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Where movement unites with Ritual

Movement is life and we are movement. We guide movement. We guide breath. We guide you to experience your aliveness. We welcome you to your practice from wherever you are in the world. Join us from our serene island environment. Let us infuse some island spirit into your day. We welcome you. We honor you. We celebrate you as you are today.


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About ALTAR Movement Studio

Located on beautiful San Juan Island, Altar was born out of a desire to create a sacred practice space where ALL bodies are welcome. Both a physical and digital space where people can unwind, learn, and explore new ways of moving and being while feeling supported throughout the entire process. ALTAR is a space where people land and feel supported in their uniqueness and a place where community is generated in the exploration of whole self-health.

“ You will leave these classes feeling awakened, in tune with yourself and grounded. Every class is like giving yourself a treat.”

– Val C.

“ It is a wonderful space, relaxing and beautiful. The teachers have the best energy and I love the variety in teaching styles, it is very strengthening and uplifting practice. “


– Kim H.


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