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Located on beautiful San Juan Island in the Pacific Northwest, Altar Movement Studio welcomes you into our community dedicated, serene environment in order to explore functional movement that is weaved together with yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Allow our experienced and highly knowledgeable instructors to guide you through experiences that will contribute to your WHOLE self-health: body, mind and soul.

Altar was born out of a desire to create a sacred practice space where ALL bodies are welcome. A place where people can land, unwind, learn and explore new ways of moving and being while feeling supported throughout the entire process.

Altar is a center for ritual. The ritual of connecting and taking care of our bodies, our minds and our souls in a community of people who are all committed to thriving well into their later years. We explore movement patterns, poses, and ways of being in these bodies that contribute to WHOLE self-health. Are you ready to join us?

Group class instruction, semi-private and private instruction all held at 80 Web Street. Suite 102. Downstairs.


80 Web St, Suite 102 (downstairs)
Friday Harbor, WA 98250 USA

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