Life is Movement and You are Movement.

Weave more movement and mindfulness into your everyday life, from the comfort of your own environment with our online studio.

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Welcome to ALTAR.

Here you will find opportunities to move your body, your breath and your mind through our Instinctive Embodiment sessions, workshops and retreats.

At ALTAR, we encourage our students to bring more movement into their lives in a variety of ways using what is known as “Instinctive Embodiment.” Heather Briann, the founder of ALTAR movement, created this three-tiered approach in order to support each student in embodying their inborn wisdom.

{ Instinctive Embodiment }

Movement | Breath | Instinctive Meditation

Instinctive Embodiment: Noun / Verb:

The three-pillared discipline of incorporating mindful movement, breathwork and instinctive meditation into our everyday lives with the intention of returning the self to the body. Derived from the Latin root for “impulse” or “inspiration” this methodology works on the principle that by creating sound, seasonally adjusted, supportive practices for our bodies we can adapt and flourish more fully within our lives.

“Embody your inborn wisdom”

Dr. Lorin Roche

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ALTAR digital is a virtual studio that supports you in bringing more movement, breath-work and meditation into your everyday life from the comfort of your own environment, your own ALTAR if you will.

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You will find classes on breath-work, mindful movement and instinctive meditation. We welcome you to our community and look forward to practicing with you!

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