The Artist’s Path

8 Weeks Land + Art-Based Communion 


July 11, 2021

Sundays at 6:30pm

In-person at Altar Movement Studio. 80 Web Street. Friday Harbor, WA.


Vinyasa and Yin Yoga to spark your creativity


Embodiment practices and intuitive meditative practices to support your unique Artists Path


Exploratory and alchemical practices to aid in deepening your understanding of your own individual path, as well as the art you are presently sitting with


About Event

Welcome to the Artist’s Path with Caroline Smith. Learn about this upcoming 8 week Series and enjoy a short guided practice with Caroline to give you a taste of the explorations to come in July 2021.

In the Artist’s Path, we’ll gather weekly in-person to commune with one another, our art (in some shape or form), a shared experience, and the essence of our dear Island. We ask that you, our artist in mind, arrive with a piece or body of work – be it material or in mind – of which you are hoping to come to know better, refine, edit, alchemize, or simply sit with for some time.

Caroline will walk with you and guide all the while as we move, find stillness, quiet, expand, contract, and walk the individual artist’s path, side by side in a way. Expect some familiar practices from Caroline’s studies of Vinyasa & Yin, along with some newly formed offerings and makings.

In our shared spaces, we ask you to show up as you are, with whatever you have to give on any given day, open to receive what you are able and open to. We will gather in the ALTAR Studio to begin, but have the option to gather on lands that sit well with the group as we come to know one another and the work we are doing.

Movement practices will be suitable for all levels (slow flow, yin, gentle vinyasa) and all bodies will be kept in mind for sequences and island-excursions. Accessible practices, overall, will be at the forefront of Caroline’s teachings each week.

The Artist’s Path is open to all individuals committed to focusing on their art/a body of work for two months this Summer.


“Caroline’s classes are beautifully sequenced and always carry such depth to them. Her style of teaching is poetic and mindful, giving students the space to really take from the class exactly what they need.”

Lexi R.


“Caroline is quite magical. She is very calm and her voice soothing. I have practiced vinyasa, yin, and meditation with Caroline. Everything she speaks and writes is poetic and lyrical. She inspires me and helps me to be more mindful! I love her!”

Kristen B.

Get 8 weeks for just $250

**Pay what you can **We have two spots available for our sliding scale offerings. Please email us, to set this up.
Caroline practicing Yoga

About Caroline

Caroline began teaching movement practices a few years ago in a singular-sense. With land, plant-kin, and subtle body guidance, she wove her movement teachings and studies into her other art forms to create a wide tapestry that covers the breadth of her day to day work and ways. With Vinyasa and Yin studies, along with a few other modalities here and there, Caroline built Somatic Activation – a physical movement sequence that aids in the opening and allowance for subtle body knowing to come through alongside creative + intuitive moving, stillness, mindful being-ness. Caroline’s teachings are rooted in her reverence to the necessary practice of Earth and Subtle Body communion through community gathering, land-based devotion, and ancestral guidance.

Living on unceded Coast Salish lands, Caroline found a deepened sense of connection to all that San Juan Island offered. Her art now dwells in the realms of fiber and textiles as a weaver, music as a singer and tin whistler, and wordsmithing as a poet and language-enthusiast. All of her work relates back to her Earthbound experiences and ethereal calls to connect with the unseen so as to expand + contract self, serve community as we walk home, and activate in the here + now.