Weekly Yoga and Movement Classes

Altar is a sacred practice space where ALL bodies are welcome. 

Our yoga classes are designed to allow you the time to land, unwind, learn new movements and moments in space that encourages exploration and discovery.

Our experienced yoga instructors guide you through rituals and moments in an exploration of your mind, body and soul. 

All of our sessions are held at our Web Street Yoga Studio on San Juan Island, unless otherwise indicated. To get started, click one of the class categories below and explore our different yoga and movement classes.

How to join a yoga class

You can register for any of our classes by clicking over to our Yoga Class Schedule page and selecting the BOOK option once you find the yoga class you would like to join.

What to bring

Our San Juan Island yoga studio has many of the props like yoga blocks and rollers, but you’ll want to bring your own yoga mat, water bottle and towel (if needed), and your own props if you prefer – we’ll handle everything else.

Select a class to view the details

San Juan Island Yin Yoga

San Juan Island Yin Yoga

Other Yoga Classes: Yin Yoga Yin Yoga is a slow, meditative practice of mindfully holding poses to deeply stretch the body, strengthen joints & connective tissues.Yin Flow A fun fusion where passive + active poses blend with both stillness + flow. This is an...

San Juan Island Vinyasa Yoga

San Juan Island Vinyasa Yoga

Other Yoga Classes: Vinyasa Yoga Slower paced class for those new to vinyasa or just wanting a basic flow. Time is spent linking breath and movement while breaking down poses fundamental to vinyasa. Props and modifications will be offered to ease into poses and...

Yoga Asana + Functional Movement

Yoga Asana + Functional Movement

Other Yoga Classes: Mindful Movement Yoga, Strength and Functional Movement combined in an accessible format. A great class if you are new to ALTAR! A blend of basic yoga flow and functional movement. Optimize range of motion and build strength with intention. Improve...

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