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Enjoy Livestream and on-demand classes 7 days a week from wherever you are in the world.

Altar Movement Studio

Our in-person classes are located at our home studio on San Juan Island, Washington.

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Movement is life and you are movement. Practice variety in your movement patterns, learn how to embody your body and invoke curiosity and wonder as you move with us.

Yoga + Functional 

Yoga Asana and Functional Movement weaved together. Leave feeling awake, refreshed and connected with your entire body. Learn how to move more parts of yourself more often. Step away from each class feeling inspired to connect in with the aliveness within and around you. 

Vinyasa Flow

A mixed level Vinyasa Flow practice. Time is spent linking breath and movement while breaking down poses fundamental to vinyasa every so often in order to deepen into the practice together. Expect to build strength and flexibility, explore arm balances, and deepen your body awareness. You’ll close each class feeling empowered and inspired to keep your practice going. Props and modifications will be offered to ease into poses and encourage proper alignment.

Hatha Flow

Re-align your chakras and calm your nervous system with this embodying hour-long practice. Be guided through pranayama, sun salutations and a series of poses, connecting you to each of your seven chakras. Become calm and balanced in this class, all the while connecting with the life force within and around you!

Yin Flow

A fun fusion where passive + active poses blend with both stillness + flow. Long, passive holds are combined with dynamic movement and active stretches to provide a deeply nourishing practice.


Find delight with Hatha sequences designed to boost your mood and restore balance to the mind and body. You will explore a variety of yoga postures while blending elements of breath, movement, and feeling into your aliveness. Use these practices to find peace and feel grounded every day. The slow and graceful pace of these classes helps you inhabit the poses and move with intention.

Hatha Metta Yoga

A combination of strong and steady hatha poses, clarity-inducing breathing exercises, and guided loving-kindness meditation. This class includes sun salutations, a complete, full-body set of 10 or so postures, pranayama, and metta meditation. 


Begin your Sunday with Ritual. Set the tone for the week with sweet surrender. A restorative movement practice that weaves together yoga asana, movements to increase mobility and flexibility, self-massage with yoga tune-up balls and instinctive meditation. Arrive to your week feeling deeply restored from the inside out. 

20 minute Reset

20 minutes of breath and movement explorations that will help reset your whole self, body/mind/spirit. This is a practice to include in the transitional moments of your day. Before lunch, after work and/or before your evening activities.