To savor the thrill of aliveness. This. This is what inspires Heather daily. To experience aliveness within and around her. And, she invites her students to join this exploration daily. She infuses the teaching of Tantra Yoga into how she lives her life and how she guides her students both on and off the mat. Her Yoga journey began at the age of 15. As an athlete, avid mover, and spiritually curious young woman she found herself in her first Yoga class. That first class left a powerful impression on her and the “yoga” seed was planted. The journey continues to unfold for Heather, she has travelled the world following her teachers as a dedicated student of the path of Raja and Tantra Yoga.

As the founder and owner of ALTAR movement studio, she loves the opportunity to gather community from near and far in order to facilitate experiences that help each person awaken to their own inner vitality. She weaves ritual, nature cycles, instinctive meditation philosophy, functional movement, biomechanics and yoga asana into her classes showing the truest reflection of her own experience of living out this path of intimacy with self and all of life. She loves nothing more than to open her heart, mind and soul to those curious souls who are willing to explore movement in all its various forms. Please see her website to learn more about how she serves those on the San Juan Islands and beyond: heatherbriann.com