A 30 day Movement Challenge

The Journey Begins October 1st

As the seasons change and we shut the door on a ubiquitously chaotic summer, let’s usher in autumn with renewed vigor and intention. Altar Digital is excited to present our 30 Days of Movement Challenge, a free offering to our community. In bite-sized chunks (daily 5-10-minute videos, and journal prompts), our team will guide you through various movement modalities, mindfulness techniques, and breathing exercises to embrace change and invoke lasting inspiration.

This 30 day challenge includes:

Short 5-10 minute practices that will help encourage you to embrace change

Writing and Journaling prompts for further reflection and implementation

A diverse and exceptional group of teachers all living here on San Juan island

Guidance through multiple movement modalities, breathing exercises and mind tools to help reset your nervous system when you need it most.

Join the Challenge?

About Altar Movement Studio

Located on the beautiful San Juan Island, Altar was born out of a desire to create a sacred practice space where ALL bodies are welcome. Both a physical and digital space where people can land, unwind, learn, and explore new ways of moving and being while feeling supported throughout the entire process. ALTAR is both a space where people land and feel supported in their uniqueness and a place where community is generated in the exploration of whole self health.