Caroline Smith

Caroline’s teachings stem from a variety of modalities, including Vinyasa + Yin. The core of her teachings stem from the cyclicality within these realms — the lunar rhythms, Earthly turnings, and inner spirals of self. Every ritual and sequence comes from these cyclical guides and aims to bring students into a balanced state within the wider web of it all. Through activating the body + witnessing one’s inner realms, Caroline feels that we can come to better know ourselves + how we walk in these bodies and interact with one another. Caroline (or, Kaki, as she often goes by) aims to hold an inclusive, intentional, + welcoming space for all. As a recent island arrival, the community + symphonic lands of the San Juans have called Caroline to stay a long while. Beyond Altar, you might find Caroline writing away at Demeter, working with the local social justice collective, or commuting to one of the other islands for work + exploratory days.