Breath // Meditation // Accountability


September 30, 2021

Thursdays at 5:30 pm

60 minute sessions 
15 minute Q+A weekly

An 8-week Series for people who think they cannot Meditate, are intimidated by breathing practices and who are looking for accountability to stick with the practices and tools that bring health and vitality.

  • Are you stressed and looking for ways to manage the overwhelm?
  • Do you think your mind is too busy to meditate, but know that meditation would be good for you if you could bring yourself to do it?
  • Do you want to learn a simple approach to meditation and breathing to feel centered and rejuvenated on a daily basis?

If so, this series is for you!


About this series ::

A Message from Heather

I resisted meditating and exploring breathing practices for YEARS because I was a busy bee and prioritized the doing and the moving part of my inner practices. I was intimidated by both and never thought I was doing either of these practices right. 

I have been given meditation and breathing practices that never felt right to me. My inner rebel fueled me to explore what was beyond the practice I was given. I followed my instincts about what felt right in how I approached my meditation practice. 

I listened to guided practices, started to lie down when I meditated, learned what functional breathing was and began to enjoy this time. Then I met my now teachers Dr. Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine and they validated all I had been exploring on my own for years. It was a huge revelation. I finally began to experience the profound benefits of meditation and functional breathing such as a calmer/clearer mind, less mood swings, a happy digestive system and the deep deep sense of body and mind rejuvenation (deeper than sleep!). 

And, now, I am honored to share the practices of instinctive meditation and functional breathing 101 with you! 

Some of the benefits::

  • This 8 week Series will teach you how to include meditation in your full, busy life with less effort than it takes to make your morning cup of coffee
  • Find an individualized approach to meditation where you can experience the mood boosting benefits AND enjoy the experience
  • Learn the basics of Functional Breathing and set the stage for further explorations in the exciting world of breath mechanics and chemistry
  • Limited Spots available. Receive personalized support every step of the way
  • Improved sleep, mood, energy, and digestion!

What you’ll receive::


Live/Online 1 group session a week for 8 weeks in a row


Limited time Replay of each Live session


30 minute private session with Heather


Follow-Up email each week


Small Group setting


Personalized Support and Feedback

Heather on the shore stretching to the sky

Hi, I am Heather and so delighted you are here! I have spent the last 16 years of life exploring the realms of yoga, movement, meditation and a variety of healing modalities including breathwork. The practice of instinctive meditation was introduced to me 4 years ago and it weaved together all that I had explored up to that point. The tools I learned through Instinctive Meditation have gifted me with a clearer, calmer mind, a healthier relationship with my body and food, and feeling more rested and able to manage the demands of my full busy life. 

I love the opportunity to gather community from near and far in order to facilitate experiences that help each person awaken to their own inner vitality. It is my greatest honor to open her heart, mind and soul to those curious souls who are willing to explore movement in all its various forms.

Hosted virtually through ALTAR Digital

Sign-Up for this Series on its own for $325

“Even with that strong intuition, little did I know how incredibly transformative this class was going to be! Heather’s class on instinctive meditation was the missing link that I have been seeking that has turned my meditation practice from a labor of love to effortless. Heather is an excellent teacher that is warm, welcoming and thoughtful. Her guidance is gentle, considerate and supportive. I am hoping and praying that she chooses to hold another class because I will be first in line!”

– Dana


  • I don’t have time. Exactly, that is why this is here. Let me teach you how meditation and breathwork can be easily implemented into your daily life in just 3-5 minutes.
  • Will it work if it’s online. Short answer. YES! And it may work even better for you because you are in the comfort of your own safe space which is helpful when creating a meditation practice..
  • I can’t attend 1 of the live sessions. No prob. It will be recorded for you to tune into at a later time.
  • I am brand new to meditation and breathwork. Perfect. You are in the right spot. This series is perfect for beginners. You will learn the basics of an instinctive meditation and step away with a practice that works for you and your lifestyle.
  • I am a seasoned meditator. Welcome! This Series is for you too. You will step away with new doorways and pathways and new inspiration to continue to fuel your practice and fall in love time and time again with meditation.
  • I am looking for more one on one guidance. Wonderful! You have two options. Join this 8 week series and there is a 30 minute private session included and if you find you desire more support during or after the series, Heather is available for hour long sessions by appointment. Option 2, Groups not your things. Sign-Up for a series of private sessions with Heather..