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70+ recorded classes in our seasonally rotating Digital Library


Weekly Live Stream classes - FREE access to our 10 class series, ALTAR Foundations


Weekly accountability support through SMS texting


Discounted access to our digital workshop experiences


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Aloha Heather and Altar team, I am so grateful to be a part of this beautiful journey with you all. Thank you ever so much. Mahalo nui loa for all your sacred gifts and abundant generosity. You all are greatly appreciated for this healing journey, and all that you offer our community.
Alice H.

I wanted you to know that you have helped me in a way that my friends or family haven’t. The simplicity of your message resonates with me. Thank you for making your practice available to “a newbie.
Robin Z.

Thank you Heather for the great class today.  I always feel so alive and mobile after your classes.  I have been trying to do a couple of shorter classes in the AM before skiing and it has really helped my skiing, balance and mobility appreciate your commitment to making it always interesting.

Nancy A

Movement is more than just physically moving the body. Movement is life. Learn to experience movement in a variety of ways and forever shift your capacity to grow, evolve and adapt to change with more resilience and awareness.

ALTAR digital is a virtual studio offering classes on breathwork, mindful strength building, flexibility and mobility training and instinctive meditation experiences.

We use the methodology known as ‘Instinctive Embodiment’ to support our students in creating connections with their bodies, hearts and if they so choose the soul that encompasses it all.

Come for the movement, stay for the magic that is created when you learn to embody your inborn wisdom.

We encourage our students to have discernment, to ask great questions of themselves and of their teachers and to hop on the journey of evolving the practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness

Join us on ALTAR Digital our virtual practice platform

ALTAR digital is a virtual studio that supports you in bringing more movement, breath-work and meditation into your everyday life from the comfort of your own environment, your own ALTAR if you will.

Welcome to ALTAR digital

There are two available options to become a member of this virtual community, however, our Yearly/Annual Membership is only available once a year in the Fall. Currently, our monthly membership is open for enrollment.

Monthly Membership

ALTAR Digital monthly members receive:


50+ recorded classes in our seasonally rotating Digital Library


Weekly Live Stream classes – FREE access to our 10 class series, ALTAR Foundations


Weekly accountability support through SMS texting


Monthly Members-only communication to further enhance your practice


Access to register for our Digital Workshop experiences at a discounted rate


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Digital ALTAR FAQ’s

What is ALTAR Digital Studio?

In our Digital Studio, you can practice 7 days a week from anywhere in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand – on any connected device!

When you become a member of this community you receive:

  • Exclusive access to the 10 foundational teachings of Altar Movement Studio, helping you discover a deeper connection to the opportunities of movement that can be applied during any practice, on or off the mat
  • Exclusive access to 50+ recorded, online-classes in our rotating digital library
  • Access to join 3 live-stream classes weekly with Heather, our studio director and/or collaborator instructors
  • Weekly accountability support through SMS texting which includes messages of mantras, practice support and additional teachings sent right to your phone
  • Access to register for our Digital Workshop experiences with Heather or a collaborating instructor at a discounted rate
Who is ALTAR Digital for?

Anyone who loves to connect to their moving body while continuing to be a student of their own inner world!

Those who wish to stay curious, open-minded and looking to expand the feeling of presence and living in the present moment will enjoy coming to the mat each day for more than just physical activity. This digital studio is a community for like-minded individuals to explore movement in new ways while also finding support through their journey when desired. 

Altar Digital is not a membership for those looking only for a fitness routine. We are however, a studio who inspires movement in the physical body and  we view movement as a doorway into greater intimacy with self and all of life. We are here to inspire you to learn to find a variety of movement and embodiment practices that you love, that challenge when you know you need to be challenged and that support you in nourishing your body/mind/soul.

How much does a Digital Studio subscription cost?

You can join ALTAR Digital monthly for a recurring payment of $10 USD.

Once a year we offer our community access to join this membership for a one-time payment with exclusive access to additional offerings that include:

  • Everything included in the monthly membership
  • Access to register for ALL of our Digital Workshop experiences with Heather or a collaborating instructor for FREE 
  • FREE access to our last online Series of the year: Instinctive Meditation/Functional Breathing/Accountability
Will I be able to watch the live streamed Classes at a later time?

Yes! The recordings of each Live Stream Class will be uploaded to the Digital Library and available for viewing until the following week

What happens at the end of my trial?

The first 7 days in ALTAR Digital are FREE when you register for a Monthly Membership. This allows you to have time to explore different Classes and meet your instructors!

After your trial ends, your paid membership will begin seamlessly. We will automatically charge your account each month using the credit card you registered with, unless you update your payment details or cancel your account.

With access to our weekly live classes, on top of viewing our rotating library, and messages of accountability through our ongoing text-thread, we hope this community allows you to continue to stay curious and we reassure you that self-exploration is always welcomed!

Kind words from our members

Even with that strong intuition, little did I know how incredibly transformative this class was going to be! Heather’s class on instinctive meditation was the missing link that I have been seeking that has turned my meditation practice from a labor of love to effortless. Heather is an excellent teacher that is warm, welcoming and thoughtful. Her guidance is gentle, considerate and supportive. I am hoping and praying that she chooses to hold another class because I will be first in line!


I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your yoga classes. This is the first time I have given yoga a serious try and I am finding it really helpful and sustaining. I love your movement with weights classes and the morning flow. Thank you so much for all the great energy you give out!


Altar is a sanctuary of divine presence and provision. It is where I know I can get that blanket, that rest, that challenge and walk back into my independence renewed and grounded.