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Movement is more than just physically moving the body. It is moving the breath, the mind, and the connection we have to ourselves, the environment, and the spaces around us. Movement can be the foundation to leverage us reaching new potentials in our daily life. Movement is life and You are movement. Join us in our evolutionary exploration of movement in a variety forms to enhance your life, increase your sense of vitality and nourish your soul.

About Us

Located on beautiful San Juan Island, Altar was born out of a desire to create a sacred practice space where ALL bodies are welcome. Both a physical and digital space where people can unwind, learn, and explore new ways of moving and being while feeling supported throughout the entire process. ALTAR is a space where people land and feel supported in their uniqueness and a place where community is generated in the exploration of whole self-health.

Meet your Instructor ::

Heather Briann

As the founder and owner of ALTAR movement studio, she loves the opportunity to gather community from near and far in order to facilitate experiences that help each person awaken to their own inner vitality. She weaves ritual, nature cycles, instinctive meditation philosophy, functional movement, biomechanics and yoga asana into her classes showing the truest reflection of her own experience of living out this path of intimacy with self and all of life. She loves nothing more than to open her heart, mind and soul to those curious souls who are willing to explore movement in all its various forms.

Community Collaborators


Caroline Smith


Allyson Rugge


Where movement unites with ritual

Movement is life and we are movement. We guide movement. We guide breath. We guide you to experience your aliveness. We welcome you to your practice from wherever you are in the world. Join us from our serene island environment. Let us infuse some island spirit into your day. We welcome you. We honor you. We celebrate you as you are today.

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